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Carmel Excellence

Let Them Be Kids

Carmel Excellence supports effective school board leaders and teachers who will help our schools build a strong academic foundation

Welcome to Carmel Excellence 

"I do not want whoever sits here in 10 years to say, 'How could you be asleep at the switch?'"

Mitch Daniels

We are dedicated to providing the best education for students in Carmel Clay K-12 schools, from kindergarten to high school.

Our organization is committed to fostering a strong partnership between parents and Carmel Clay Schools to ensure the academic success of our students.


Join us today to be a part of this important mission.

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Our Pillars

Let Them

Be Kids

Letting Them Be Kids is important for the whole child and the family culture. 

When children are allowed to be kids, with safety in mind, they are more likely to be motivated in their learning and engaged with their peers at an age-appropriate level. 

While in the classroom, the focus should be on academics, not adult themes.

Our children should be free from one-dimensional perspectives and topics that conflict with the values of their family.  It is the role of parents and caregivers to introduce values-based topics to their children.

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Yes! Academic progress is important. It acts as the foundation for developing responsibility, practical life skills, critical thinking, and the lifelong love of learning.

As customers and allies of Carmel Clay K-12 schools, parents and teachers can create strong partnerships that benefit all students.


This means providing students with a high-quality education, keeping parents informed, involved, and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.


to Carmel

Carmel's strength is in its teachers--they deserve to be paid well, and we should have low student-teacher ratios. 


In today's educational landscape, addressing parental concerns and maintaining fiscal responsibility are two cornerstones of a successful school district.

Listening to parent concerns and involving them in the decision-making process can help build a strong partnership between educators, administrators, and families.

We believe a budget focused on teaching and an open-door policy fosters trust and ensures that parents are valued stakeholders in their children's education.



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